"Bartuschka is, in our humble opinion,
the best thing ever!"
Time Out London

"Est-ce qu'un allemand peut être drôle? Si vous avez des doutes, alors venez voir ce spectacle hilarant."
Espace Paul Jargot / France

"La maestra de ceremonia!
Un espectáculo en s
í misma"
Teatro Pradillo / Madrid

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Bartuschka is like Berlin:

Multifaceted. Sassy. Surprising!

A unique talent for improvisation and a quick wit combined with a keen sense for the audience and the particular performance situation: Berlin-based multilingual female comedian and event host Bartuschka proves to be a „must have“ ingredience for theatre & variety stages as well as for corporate events like conferences, seminars and webinars, product launches, award ceremonies and holiday parties. And yes: that’s very watchable and enjoyable - not only when you’re attending live in front (or last) row, but also while being part of a virtual or hybrid event!

Bartuschka provides MCing, shows and business entertainment.
Being a trained mime and versatile presenter, the thoroughbred comedienne can always rely on her punchy physical and verbal repertoire, spanning from slapstick and silent comedy bits to elaborate monologues, spontaneous puns and – her speciality - crowd interaction.
Bartuschka also excels at devising and performing infotainment shows, tailored to the customers' needs: well-researched, often using an unorthodox approach - cheeky, sassy, yet always charming.

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Bartuschka's qualities as an MC and compere are complemented by fast-paced excursions into stand up comedy, fast drawing, mime, dance, puppetry, comedy juggling and comedy magic.